This set is part of our MMDuo's collection and Maya co-designed the pieces with Dior and France-Gall. We caught up with the duo on Galentine's Day to share more about the designs, their friendship and the importance of supporting women...

MM: In a sentence or two describe who you are and what you do…

France: I am France-Gall, a bubbly 29 year old. I love all things food, fashion, and funny people. I work for TJXEurope, within the brand and marketing department. I specialise in affiliate marketing. I have recently taken on a new challenge which is looking after DPA side of Social l within the business. 

Dior: I’m Dior the founder of Pepper Your Talk and The Junior Network, two fashion platforms geared to support students, graduates and young professionals. I’m also a speaker, host and associate lecturer on several fashion courses around the country. And I do what I do because I want to champion underdogs! 

Friendship Necklaces Maya Magal London silver and gold jewellery

MM: Dior, what made you choose France-Gall to take part in the MMCollective with you?

Dior: I’ve been friends with France-Gall since we were 12 and we're steadily approaching our 30th birthdays (her first!). Over the years, she’s become my closest and greatest friend. We don’t get to spend much time together, although we’re constantly on the phone. So I thought this would be a lovely way to mark a moment in our friendship and create a shared memory.

France & Dior friendship necklaces Maya Magal London silver and gold jewellery

MM: How did you meet?

France: We met in secondary school, which was almost 16years ago. I remember seeing Dior near the entrance of the school gates and thinking wow she is tall! She had the tiniest Nike backpack, I am pretty sure she couldn’t even fit her books in her bag! We were in the same class all throughout secondary school and were able to form a friendship. I would often go to Dior’s house every morning with the rest of the girls so that we could go to school together.

Friendship necklaces France & Dior silver and gold jewellery Maya Magal London

MM: Why is having strong female friendships important to you?

France: A strong female friendship is very important to me as I have noticed over the years that women tend to share similar experiences. It is nice to have someone that you can relate to but also depend on, it’s more than just a friendship, it is a sisterhood. We discuss everything from career, dating, latest looks on the high street and what we’re having for dinner.  There are literally no boundaries when it comes to what we discuss.

Dior: Particularly with mine and France’s friendship, her strengths are my direct flaws, which can feel like holding up a mirror to imperfections but that’s the beauty of our friendship. We balance each other out and are constantly learning from one another.

MM: What was the inspiration behind your necklaces?
Dior: If you know me and France personally, you’ll know that we are TOTAL opposites! Tall and short, emotional and numb, alcoholic and sober.
So much so, that we decided to create two separate necklaces that can be worn together. 

The designs are so US! Mine is a slight choker with an imperfect circle. A little wonky, like me, but secure and fixed to the necklace. France’s necklace is a perfect circle with a smooth and rough finish, topped off with a few gems on both sides. The circle pendant can be removed and worn as a ring. When worn together they’re so eye-catching and make a really strong statement. Yet, separately, they equally are as beautiful as each other. 

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