This set is part of our MMDuo's collection and Maya co-designed the pieces with Cat and Gayle. We caught up with the duo on Galentine's Day to share more about the designs, their friendship and the importance of supporting women...


MM: In a sentence or two describe who you are and what you do...
Cat: Co-founder of Hustle & Fox, founder of Parenting & Lifestyle Blog Not So Smug Now, committed to honesty in all areas.

Mum to two girls, wife to touring musician, red wine lover and cat fancier. 

Gayle: Co -Founder of Hustle & Fox, a business consultancy that supports businesses, brands and individuals find their story and success.
Mum of two and passionate about helping women realise you are never too old and it’s never too late. 
MM: Cat, Why did you choose Gayle to take part in the MMCollective with you?
It was never a question. We’ve been side by side since we were pregnant, we’ve grown a business and babies together.

We’ve cried, survived and thrived together. She is not just a business partner but my sister.

MM: How did you two meet?

We were introduced by a mutual friend who thought we’d be a good match because we were working in similar sectors - she was right! 

MM: What was the inspiration behind your necklaces?

We wanted to create something that could stand on it’s own but also look beautiful when worn together. It was important that there was meaning behind the design too so, the five circles represent our 5 years of friendship and the triangle represents all women and how beautiful it can be when we come together. 

MM: Why is having strong female friendships important? 

Because we’re tired of the myth that female friendships are mean or competitive. The love and support you get from female friends is not just essential but also incredibly powerful. We’ve achieved great things working together and we don’t always have to speak to know what the other needs. Your female friends are the ones that ‘get it’ everytime.

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