This set is part of our MMDuo's collection and Maya co-designed the pieces with the Bloom Twins. We caught up with the duo on Galentine's Day to share more about the designs, their friendship and the importance of supporting women...

A bold, mixed metal creation from a set of twins who both love puzzles and music. Both interests shine through these pendants, as they slot together perfectly to highlight an engraving of favoured song lyrics.

MM: In a sentence or two describe who you are and what you do...

We are singers and songwriters. Our style of music is dark pop, combinations of black and white, dark and sophisticated. Just like our style in clothes and jewellery. 

MM: How did you decide to start working / making music together?
We have always been together and have never been apart. Being twins means to share everything and thank god we also share our passion for music.

We started singing before we could talk and we are so lucky to call our job performing in front of thousands of people in the biggest arenas around the globe. 

MM: What was the inspiration behind your necklace design?

Music has always been part of our fashion. Music is the way fashion sounds and fashion is the way our music looks so it’s inevitable that we put a bit of music in our necklace too. The piece consists of two pieces, a ring and a necklace in the shape of a record on the back of which you can engrave a lyric of one of songs. For ours we chose “Love me right now” because it is that time of a year to say love you to others and to yourself. The two pieces are complementary, but can be worn separately. Like my twin and I - different yet inseparable. It also combines silver and gold colours, cause we love experimenting with mixing different fabrics in clothes or different colours and materials in jewellery. 

MM: Why is having strong female friendships important? 

Having friendship in general is important. It could be your friendship with a partner you love, friendship with people in your family, friendship with people you’ve met randomly in your life. It’s just a way of saying ‘I love you’ to people that you are not only connected to in a romantic way. It’s so important to have someone who can share your worst and best moments in your life.

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