Alice has been a loyal fan of Maya Magal jewellery for a few years now and we were so excited to get to design her perfect ring with her.  
We designed the ring with the couple at our Islington shop. For more information on bespoke pieces and a chance to create something totally unique take a look at our bespoke page
Alice came back in to us to design another ring with a heirloom diamond so we caught up about her wedding and engagement ring story...
wedding day with engagement ring
MM: What inspired the design for your ring? Did you have a clear idea in mind before you started?
Alice: I have a minimal style, with a heavy Scandi influence and really love clean yet classic design. I couldn't initially imagine what my ring would be like but I have always loved deco design which led me to start exploring ring designs in this era. I debated about having a baguette eternity band style but eventually came across a beautiful 5 emerald cut diamond vintage ring on Instagram that I couldn't stop thinking about!  
diamond emerald cut engagement ring
MM: You designed the ring together after getting engaged, tell us a little bit about your proposal and your placement ring... 
A: We are both big fans of Scandinavia, so we went for a weekend away for our 6th anniversary to Bergen in Norway. During the weekend, we got a cable car up to the top of the mountain with amazing views of the city. It was a really sunny, crisp day and whilst we were wandering or (more accurately) sliding around, due to inappropriate footwear choices (!) on the icy footpaths, Jack asked me to marry him. He proposed with a simple silver 'V ring' from Maya's collection as he knew I loved her jewellery and also that I would like to be involved in the design process! 
flowers and engagement ring
MM: How did you discover Maya Magal jewellery originally?
A: We lived in Canonbury and often used to stroll past Maya's shop on Upper Street. I loved the minimal aesthetic of the jewellery and had bought a few pieces from the collections for myself and as presents. When we got engaged, I knew Maya would be the perfect person to make my ring! 
emerald cut engagement ring
MM: What was your experience like designing your ring with the Maya Magal team?
A: It was great fun to work with Maya and the team. They really listen and understand who you are and your taste and are really warm and welcoming. You have the ability to get really involved in the process, which I loved, as it made it feel even more special. 
engagement ring wedding

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