We not only make bespoke engagement rings for our clients, but we also make more delicate real gold rings to be used for proposals. 

Often called a promise ring or proposal ring, this is so the couple can design the real engagement ring together, but it means there is still a token to present on the day!

Promise ring features

We wanted to showcase some of the real gold rings we can make when someone requests a tiny diamond ring to propose with. These real gold rings in promise ring or proposal ring style come in a multitude of settings and diamond shapes.
promise rings
Some are bezel settings, which is a traditional setting. It sees the stone encased in a thin metal rim custom-made to hold the stone in place on the tiny diamond ring. The bezel setting provides protection for the centre diamond and gives the promise ring or proposal ring a sleek, modern appearance.

promise rings
These bezel setting real gold rings work really well with a tiny round diamond because it adds to the circular shape of the diamond and creates a modern looking ring perfect for a proposal moment. Or the bezel setting can be used on geometric diamonds to add a modern, unique edge to a tiny diamond ring. Either way, these promise ring or proposal ring settings are sure to capture the magic of a proposal.

promise rings
A prong setting can also be seen in these pictures of the real gold rings we’ve created to be used as a promise ring or proposal ring. The prong setting is the most common type of setting for rings with stones in. A prong is a thin piece of metal, like a claw, which grips the diamond tightly and secures it in place. A prong can be v-shaped, pointed, or rounded. The prong setting can add to how much light reaches the tiny diamond ring and so, highlights the sparkle within the diamond.

promise rings

Looking at these real gold rings, you will notice that a few are examples of a three-stone setting. This setting is really what it says on the tin. Three stones, set onto real gold rings together. They can be bezel settings, prong settings, or even other settings. The three stone is more of a style than an actual setting. 

Having a promise ring or proposal ring with a three stone setting can add to the magic of the proposal because, simply, it means three times the sparkle! On a tiny diamond ring, three stones can add to the wow factor. We have created three stone rings with all three diamonds in a row, or set in a cluster to create a modern, geometric shape.

promise rings

How to propose with a promise ring or proposal ring

It’s simple really. Proposing with a promise ring or proposal ring is just the same as proposing with an engagement ring. The actual proposal may be the exact same. 

Maybe you want to go down on one knee, maybe you want it to be a complete shock, maybe you’ve visited a personally special spot. Whatever way you’re proposing, using a promise ring or proposal ring doesn’t change that. 

It does increase the excitement in your future spouse though, because they get to design or choose their own engagement ring! What’s more special than going to pick out or design your engagement ring together to start the new chapter of your life? 

For now though, get in touch and we can help to get you sorted with a promise ring or proposal ring to help you get planning that special moment!

solid gold promise rings

Want your own bespoke jewellery?

We also have a selection of ready-made gold rings, which are still just as perfect to be used as a promise ring or proposal ring. Shop our collection now. 

To find out more about a tiny diamond ring get in touch, and we will help you get those questions answered. Make your proposal simple and stress free with us! 

Want to go straight to an engagement ring? Take a look at our selection of one-of-a-kind ready-made engagement rings to find a unique, draw-dropping piece to perfect your proposal. 

Already engaged? It’s time to design your bespoke engagement ring. Get in touch for a complimentary consultation, and then we’ll be with you from every step. From early design decisions, to holding the real gold rings in your hand, we are here to help!